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Jenny O'Brien and Tanya Bingham Barossa Wellness. Barossa retreats. Yoga, meditation, health and wellbeing.

Jenny O’Brien and Tanya Bingham

Barossa Wellness Co-Founders

Barossa Wellness was created to empower people to live their best, healthiest, happiest and most balanced life. With a specific approach and commitment to mind, body and spirit, Barossa Wellness will nourish, restore and inspire.  

Jenny O’Brien has worked across multiple sectors for over two decades including Government, non-profit, consultancy, commercial and community, all of which has contributed to an innovative view on Barossa Wellness. Jenny is committed to growing a purpose driven organisation where collaboration and a shared value approach is the corner stone of success. Her commitment and passion to health, wellness and sustainability includes roles as; a Community Advisory Member on SA Health’s DASSA Executive Committee; Board roles with Foundation Barossa and, NGO “CHANGE”, an environmental organisation in Vietnam; and acting as mentor for young people.

Jenny is a committed personal growth practitioner and includes coaching, journaling, meditation, physical training, yoga, and daily gratitude in her own life. These habits continue to have profound and life-changing effects, and combined with her professional experience, enable Jenny to view things in innovative ways and makes her an excellent program developer and facilitator.

Tanya Bingham has dedicated over 20 years to the health and wellness sector with a drive to empower people to effect lasting change in ways that work in harmony with their natural interests and life circumstances. Tanya has worked in a variety of roles, including consultant, mentor, trainer, facilitator, manager and program director in various fields across injury rehabilitation, oncology services, maternity services, yoga, meditation, retreats and other events, and 18-months ago established True North Yoga, a purposed designed, flourishing yoga studio in the Barossa.

Tanya’s approach to wellness is caring and practical. She’s had the privilege of working with hundreds of people who continue to inspire her every day.

Together, Jenny and Tanya form a dynamic team, recognised for their uplifting spirit, experience and commitment to holistic health - creating the perfect environment for you to rest and rejuvenate.

Be inspired to take your own wellness journey with Barossa Wellness….