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Spring Wellness Retreat & Wellness Day

We have 2 Day Passes Left

13, 14 & 15 SEPTEMBER 2019 · 2-NIGHT RETREAT


Be restored, be nourished, be inspired in the beautiful Barossa.

Slow down, nourish and boost your spring wellness with leading presenters and facilitators covering yoga, meditation, functional fitness, nutrition, gut health, a plant based cooking workshop, digestion, sleep, fitness, plus much more.

Take time for yourself and let us treat you to an incredible wellness experience… join us for two nights for a complete rejuvenation retreat, or join us on Saturday for the day.

Take advantage of our early bird prices!

Meditation for Every Day Living

Save the Date: October 2019

SUNDAYS 10.00-11.30AM

Pause, take a deep breath, and unwind.

In this 3-session Course you’ll experience renewing and uplifting meditation sessions with simple but powerful practices for every day living. Learn how to establish a regular practice and receive a personal journal for ongoing reflection.

The practice of meditation reveals our boundless spirit and enhances our capacity to flow with the currents of life.

With one final check-in a week after our last session together (day-21), you’ll be well on your way to establishing a new, healthy habit.

The Healthy Gut Program



When it comes to leaky gut and other digestive issues, there is no one size fits all. That’s why Suzannah and Tanya have created a program that has the benefits of an individualised program within a supportive and encouraging group going through the same things you are.

Why dietetics PLUS yoga? Evidence supports yoga as an effective therapy for IBS and other digestive issues, in fact it’s been found to be equality as effective as the fodmap diet, which is why Suzannah and Tanya are bringing them BOTH together for a unique program offering a holistic approach to symptomatic relief and empowering you with effective and evidence-based tools to discover and sustain a healthy gut and lifestyle.

yoga teacher training_Barossa Wellness_True North Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training in the Barossa



Do you have the calling to develop yourself, and be expertly trained to work with others for enhancing their essential wellbeing?

Through this Yoga Teacher Training, aspiring yoga teachers gain the resources and competency to guide clients and assist with a broad range of individual needs, receiving 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification on completion of contact hours and assignments. Certified teachers can also sit the course as a refresher, adding another layer of depth to your teaching with these adept trainers and teachings.

Health Professionals Retreat & Wellness Day

13, 14 & 15 MARCH 2020 · 2- NIGHT RETREAT


Unwind, connect and take time for you.

Health professionals are increasingly aware of the essential need to adopt habits of self-care so they can be their best self in both their personal and professional lives.

Take time for yourself on an exclusive three night retreat to fully restore and recharge, or join us on Saturday for the Health Professionals Wellness Day for relaxation, education, self development and time for you.

2020 Vision: New Year Reboot Retreat_Barossa Wellness

2020 Vision: New Year Reboot Retreat

9, 10, 11 & 12 JANUARY 2020 · 3-NIGHT RETREAT


Set yourself up for your most incredible year yet. Let our leading presenters and facilitators take you through optimal lifestyle habits, techniques for a growth mindset, planning tools, as well as a truly nourishing retreat experience.

How often do you give yourself the gift of time; to reflect, breathe and plan for what is most important to you?

You’ll also experience daily yoga, meditation and functional fitness plus much more.


Beautiful Locations & Accommodation

All our events and programs are held in locations across the Barossa.

We invite you to be indulged in an ultimate wellness retreat experience.


Rest & Relax

Your retreat experience is crafted to include space for quiet and reflection to induce a state of rest. You’ll experience sessions designed to impart deep relaxation, but more than that, our facilitators empower you to integrate these practices into your lifestyle.


Be Active

Being active and moving our bodies in different ways can have many amazing whole-body benefits.

A key part of true health involves a combined approach, using nutrition and lifestyle practices, in which movement plays an important role.

The Barossa provides unique and amazing opportunities to be active.

From our stunning natural environment of the conservation parks, reserves, walking trails, to yoga, pilates and bike trails.

Let our expert trainers take you through tailored sessions during your time in the Barossa.



The way we nourish ourselves is the cornerstone of our health and wellness. We understand and acknowledge we are all different and there is no one size fits all.

During your retreats Barossa Wellness is serious about providing beautiful, nutritious and delicious food that will leave you feeling amazing. Your meals are prepared by local chefs with a passion for fresh, seasonal, local produce. An all inclusive feast for the senses that will captivate your taste-buds and inspire your home cooking.

Barossa Wellness provides a range of ongoing nutrition programs.


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